Billing guide for tobacco screening and cessation

thumbnail of billing-guide-for-tobacco screening and cessation ALA June 2018

Tobacco use status is now embedded in most of the major electronic health records and evidence-based tobacco cessation counseling and pharmacotherapy covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private health plans. Despite improved documentation and coverage, few providers bill for cessation services. […]

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Fagerstrom Test

thumbnail of Fagerstrom Test

A brief 6-item questionnaire which determines level of dependence on nicotine (from very low to very high). […]

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Learning about Healthy Living

thumbnail of Learning about Healthy Living Manual 2012 Update

Tobacco and You. Introduction, general structure of treatment group, treatment of tobacco use disorder medications, facilitator’s guide, consumer’s handouts, forms, resources, and more. […]

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Sending Tobacco Use Up in Smoke Poster

thumbnail of tracsmokeposter18x24

This colorful 18″ x 24″ poster is designed to help organizations inform people who use their services about the importance of “Tobacco: Recovery Across the Continuum” (TRAC), a stage-based motivational model for tobacco cessation. […]

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