We offer a series of one-hour webinars on varying topics to supplement the in person training. These could be used to provide basic education to members of the treatment team who did not join the live training, viewed individually or as a group.  Remember, if you have a login for CPI’s LMS, you can access these archived webinars there and receive continuing education.

Implementing Treatment of Tobacco Use in NYC Behavioral Health Programs

This archived webinar describes consequences of tobacco use in people with behavioral health conditions. While treatment helps address tobacco use in this population, it is not routinely delivered. The best treatment views tobacco use as a co-occurring addiction. The NYC TCTTAC team can support programs as they implement treatment for tobacco use in their settings.

TCTTAC Medical Director Jill Williams, MD, lays out the big vision for how to implement changes in a behavioral health program to address tobacco use.

The TCTTAC team provides guidance to understand how changing the environment helps address tobacco use and the benefits of doing so.

The TCTTAC team goes through each of the 6 domains covered by the behavioral health program self-assessment tool known as TiSET, highlighting key takeaways in each one.

Reviews the Stages of Change theory and the role of Motivational Interviewing in person-centered treatment planning. Includes best practices for documentation. Led by Implementation Specialist, Noah Lipton, L.C.S.W, M.P.A.

TCTTACT Program Director Nancy Covell, PhD, goes over how you can use data in your recovery-oriented practice. Includes how to avoid common pitfalls, emphasizing small, incremental steps rather than giant leaps to make it easier for people to do the right thing.

TCTTAC Medical Director Jill Williams, MD, describes the prevalence and consequences of tobacco use on populations with mental health and substance use disorders. Includes a review of the biology of tobacco addiction and interventions addressing tobacco as the #1 cause of preventable death in the U.S.

Forrest “Rusty” Foster, MSW, CPRP explains how consumers with serious mental illness can have difficulty attending to the content of a conversation or remaining consistently based in reality, and how behavioral health care providers can change some of the tools they have learned for how to conduct Motivational Interviewing.

The TCTTAC team reviews what US states are spending in their efforts to target smokers to quit. Reviews multi-state claims against the tobacco industry. Provides trends in tobacco use by age and how people with mental illness procure tobacco products. Shows NY as one of the top 5 states in terms of removing barriers for the Medicaid population to access medication and other support for smoking cessation. Reviews strategies for effective public service campaigns.


TCTTAC Medical Director Jill Williams, MD, reviews how to help someone who is receiving behavioral health services address their tobacco use, regardless of the original diagnosis or referral pathway. Includes a review of the evidence-based treatments available. with an emphasis on counseling and psycho social approaches as well as relapse prevention.

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